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Developer: Guinea Pixel
2 usd

We dream to become a new power of rhythm game with strong rock sound, fabulous effect, and brilliant touch!!RockStar is a beat game of new concept that we tap touch box in fun rhythm.You can enjoy more lively and fun game with various stylish effects according to result of touch.
About the Game1. You can change various markers at options according to your preference. And you can feel a new style of play of your own.2. You can touch images on 16 boxes that move quickly along with rhythm.3. Enjoy a special effect video that changes according to level and number of combos.
How to Play
1. Touch an image that is being completed at the appropriate time according to rhythm of music.2. How can you touch the slide.3. S Mode and enjoy the style of the new way of
Key Features1. Box- form touch game that is different from other existing games.2. You can enjoy fabulous color and high quality sound produced by actual music sound.3. Powerful and spectacular rock-style rhythm game4. You can experience powerful and strong rock music in dreamlike atmosphere.5. Fun multi-touch and lively and various effects that are shown on different timing.